KDK Designs Curtain Wall Design & Drafting
Curtain Wall Drafting Service

The partners of KDK all met at a specialised curtain wall company, Permasteelisa; a leading multi-national. It was here they received specialised training and knowledge in the curtain wall industry over 8 years.


Since then, we have developed both individually and as a team creating a successful partnership. We and all our employees strive to excel under pressure to meet deadlines.


Currently, KDK have 7 draftspersons, we also have available numerous contractors. While we are very experienced in AutoCAD (up to 2007) we also can offer expertise in 3D Drafting using the latest version of Autodesk Inventor


We are excited at the opportunity to extend our contract work to new construction companies and look forward to developing new and successful business relationships offering

Joe Scicula (ARAP Facades) Consultant

Brian Hunt (Pluswall) Chief Designer

Dennis Batistella (Permasteelisa) DO Manager